Ediphone Restoration Project

We are currently in the process of restoring multiple Ediphones in our collection. Below is a complete list of our projects and the progress we've made. Feel free to drop us a line if you're curious to find out more!


Ediphone Serial No. T265895

In the process of restoring this ediphone, we took the Ediphone apart and set its pieces aside in a box. Unfortunately, Rowan's janitorial staff confused this box for trash and threw its contents somewhere to a landfill. We chalk this up to a learning experience! Still, we are doing our best to restore the ediphone despite the lack of pieces. 

In this particular ediphone, so far we have 3D printed it a new wheel to replace the old gray cracked wheel you see on the photo to the left. 


Ediphone Model. 66000 Serial No. T 610592

This Ediphone is currently in the process of being restored. The black belt shown on the left wheel of the Ediphone was a replacement made by our Associate Director Rich Reindl on a 3D printer. It was made from a flexible filament material to replace the previous leather belt.