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Our Heritage


The RCA story starts with the Victor Talking Machine Company. Above is Victor Vic III, built in 1909.

Radio Corporation of America


RCA was formed in 1919 to develop and control wireless communication in the United States. Above is a battery operated RCA Radiola 25 built in 1928

Our Testimonials


Our Museum has been recognized by several local organizations.

Special items in our collection


NBC Peacock was introduced in 1956.

On display at the Museum is the Laramie Peacock form 

Record collection


We have over 4,000 , 78, 45, and 33 rpm records. We are currently in the process of cleaning and documenting the collection.



The famous fox terrier, painted by Francis Barraud and sold to Emile Berliner in 1899. Victor Talking Machine Company acquired the US rights in 1901.

About Us


RCA "Meatball" from 1922

This was the second symbol for the Radio Corporation of America


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