RCA History

 Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was born in Camden New Jersey in 1919 and for over six decades Endeavored to advance the Electronic industry technology to reach the apex of the technically possible 

at the time.
 In the relentless process of pursuing new vistas for its costumers RCA acquired the appellative: “RCA; The most Trusted Name in Electronics” andbrought forth a number of Firsts in innovation, in South Jersey, that benefitted the company, the Nation, the World and made life a little more amenable to live. 

· Wireless communication 1919

· Broadcasting 1920

· Invented Television and demonstrated it at the World fair in New York in 1939.

· Founded the first News Network- NBC- in 1946

· Invented Color Television in 1954

· Designed and built the voice communication sub system for Apollo 11 Lunar Module, that landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon on July 1969, telling the World: 

   “That’s One Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap for Mankind

· Designed and built the voice communication system for the Space Station

· Designed and build for the DOD, from WW II to 1986, military equipment Securing Voice 

· Communications of our Troupes and of our Government Agencies from tampering by the enemy. The KY-68 and the STU-Ill, Secure terminals, protected our communications from 1979 to today. 

· AEGIS 1974 

· TIROS Satellite 1974 

 While developing, designing and building all the above, RCA created a social agenda for its employees and South Jersey, home to RCA,  that delivered significant advancement to the demographics and economic welfare of South Jersey. 

· RCA created the professional middle class in South Jersey: including thousands of engineers that worked at RCA South Jersey: the most engineers per square mile in the world.

· Perhaps the first occurrence in industry, RCA extended, the spirit of family, shared at work by all employees, to the entire family of each employee by offering jobs to the employees' family members. This created the second income in the family with the wonderful result of affluence to allow for better life, better support to all members of the family and the hope in the dream of sending their children to college.

 After six decades, in South jersey, still the head quarters of industrial imagination, RCA became a victim of the time's change that comes unwanted and'ends the era of a leading Company. And so in June 1986 RCA was acquired by General Electric and quickly, its famous name went into oblivion.

 The RCA Heritage Museum’s "Mission" - Revival of the RCA's name by reclaiming the legacy it left to South Jersey